Stertil Product Repair & Maintenance


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Our Stertil Repair Experience

C-Mech are specialists in Stertil products and systems thanks to over 20 years’ experience in the maintenance and support of their systems and products.

The Stertil Group was founded in the Netherlands in 1962 and since then have established themselves as one of the leading players in docking systems and loading bay equipment. Their success can be attributed to a strong focus on innovation, superior production and know-how in their field. The UK branch of The Stertil Group is Stertil UK Ltd and consists of three divisions – Vehicle lifts, Docking Systems and Industrial Doors. This means they have been able to amass an impressive portfolio of products including dock levellers, industrial doors and dock bumpers.

Despite the excellent reputation and quality of Stertil products and systems, there is still potential for them to fail and leave you in a situation that could cost you money. In order to prevent these situations, your Stertil products will require routine maintenance and servicing. This is important to prevent your business from losing any working hours, and therefore cost you money. We understand the importance of this, and work hard to provide excellent repair and maintenance services.

One of the main reasons our repair and maintenance services prove so popular is that we offer a complete and reliable 24/7 emergency call-out service. Our customers find this invaluable at busy times of the year and our experience means that we can offer swift repairs and maintenance while attending a job.

To arrange a maintenance appointment, or for any further information just get in touch.