Safety Signal



Today’s loading dock workers are required to work faster to meet increasing productivity demands. Higher volumes of traffic raise the risk of dock accidents.

Safety Signal helps meet today’s demanding productivity needs while still maintaining a safe work environment, automatically!

A patented process of activating the system’s control signal with a convergent photo eye mounted to the door track, makes Safety Signal a fully-automated dock communication system that reduces operator error.

The inside control panel has integrated control circuitry and high-intensity, LED lights with 180 degree visibility. The Driver-Targeted outside light has high-intensity, LED lights and a patented light process that targets and projects the light’s beam directly at the driver’s mirror.

The option to control a dock light, fan and even interlock with your leveler saves energy and eliminates door damage caused by premature leveler start.


How It Works

safety signal how1

safety signal how2


Door closes
1. Outside light turns green
2. Inside light turns red
3. Interlock items turn off:
Dock light, Fan, and Leveler.
Door opens
1. Outside light turns red
2. Inside light turns green
3. Interlock items now function:
Dock light, Fan, and Leveler.