Metal Cladding Repairs


At C-Mech, our experienced team of industry experts understand that damaged cladding can lead to further problems and can quickly become a safety hazard.

Our repair and servicing work is spead across the South East of England, so our dedicated teams are never too far away if you require an emergency fix. This means that you will never be left waiting when a problem arises. You can also rest assured that we will always be on hand to help as well as offer expert advice and guidance throughout the entirety of the process, with regular updates from our team.


Not only is damaged cladding not nice to look at, but can also expose the building to weathering and become a healthy and safety hazard for your team. C-Mech have the expertise to source the original parts/exact profile of the cladding used to achieve a uniform look. Should these no longer be available, we also have the skills and resources to fold the sheets and cappings to match the rest of the building.

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Damage & Repair

At C-Mech, we have many years of experience in the repair and servicing of a variety of mechanical appliances; metal cladding and cappings are amongst the most common, and we also work with handrails, fencing, steel fire escapes, vehicle barriers, bollards, steelwork, onsite welding and fabrication, and more. For further details regarding these individual services, please Contact Us.