Repairs & Servicing: High Speed Doors


At C-Mech, we are experts in the repair and servicing of High Speed Doors, and have many years of specialised experience in the ongoing maintenance of such doors and their associated equipment.

We have previously worked with the High Speed Doors – which are also commonly referred to as Rapid Opening Doors – of several large-scale companies, and so have continuously developed the necessary skills required in order to complete these projects both safely and efficiently. For examples of our previous jobs, please refer to our Testimonials page.

Eiger Freezer High Speed Door

Eiger Freezer High Speed Door

We understand the importance of maintaining a high standard of energy efficiency in the workplace. High Speed Doors have the ability to open and close at consistently quick rates, therefore acting to reduce temperature loss to the outside environment which results in minimal energy loss overall through transitions of heat. This means that we have an impressively fast call-to-action on damaged or malfunctioning doors, so that our repair service team can ensure your company’s High Speed Doors and energy-saving methods are back on track as soon as possible.

At C-Mech, we’re not tied to any one brand of manufacturer. As a result, we have ample experience in repairing and servicing High Speed Doors from all manufacturers and aim to provide a first visit fix on most jobs. Some of the brands we have experience in repairing include Union Industries, Clark Doors, Stertil-Stokvis, Sara, Nergeco, Angel Mir, Maviflex, Hormann, Efaflex, Hart Doors, BID, Dynaco, Labex, Albany and others.

Your enquiry will be handled by a skilled and experienced engineer, who will offer extensive advice as to the best solution for your High Speed Door repair plan and guide you through the processes involved.

High Speed Door

High Speed Doors offer a simple solution to your business’s energy saving, and not only do they effectively and immediately save money for your personal business by lowering energy costs, they also help to increase your overall efficiency and therefore assist in lowering your environmental impact. The environmental impact of a company is a steadily increasing public point of interest as environmental issues around the world are becoming more apparent, and so it is important to act against unnecessary energy waste.

Our team at C-Mech also provide full installations of High Speed Doors, alongside the necessary accompanying equipment. For more information, see our Installations page.

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