Loading Dock Fans



We’re proud to announce that Amazon UK has chosen C-Mech to supply them with the newest innovations in loading bay lighting and air circulation – Versa LED lights and AeroTec™  trailer fans.

More Efficient & Saves Money

  • Takes up to 75% less space
  • Moves air faster & better
  • Eliminates expensive fan replacement
  • Safer and quieter to operate

Cools the Trailer Faster & Better


Aero Tec creates a high-velocity column of air that circulates through the entire length of the trailer. Whether your application is cooling or warming the loading dock trailer, or removing stale air from an export crate, Aero Tec really moves air.

Aero Tec continually pulls new air in and pushes old air out, unlike ordinary truck fans that only pressurize the air in the trailer, which does not allow for adequate air exchange.

It takes up to 75% less space, making it less prone to accidental collisions than ordinary truck fans that have their entire fan assembly positioned in the door opening and Aero Tec’s breakaway elbow design eliminates costly fan replacement.

Unlike other truck fans that are mounted on a stiff arm support, Aero Tec’s elbow can be reattached in a snap if accidentally hit and knocked off, reducing costly repair or replacement.

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