Introducing Em-Flex Seals for Industrial Doors & Dock Levellers

  • By Paul Churcher
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Em-Flex dock leveller seal - open position_mini
We’re always on the look out for the industry’s best energy saving and pest control solutions here at C-Mech. With that in mind, we’re delighted to say that we’re now proud suppliers of Em-Flex industrial door and dock leveller seals.

What’s especially impressive about these innovative new magnetic seals, aside from their energy efficiency, is that they’re incredibly easy to install and far more durable and hard wearing than the old, traditional seals.

The L-Series dock leveller seal has been tested and certified to reduce drafts by 94% and the easily installed magnetic strips are striped yellow and black for safety. The other 3 in the series; the S, R and D work with overhead, roller shutter and universal access doors respectively.

Have a look at this Em Flex dock leveller installation video, which shows how easy they are to install and the benefits of these over standard seals, or no seals at all.




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