Industrial Doors & Shutters


Industrial doors and shutters are central to a business’s overall functionality and public image. Our team at C-Mech have over 40 years of specialised experience, which means that we can provide a consistent and personalised installation service to suit the exact needs of your business.

All Types of Doors & Shutters

We work with a variety of industrial door and shutter solutions. Some of the types of doors we work with include:

Sectional Doors

/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/smSectional.jpgThese use insulated panels and seal the entirety of the door’s frame, which provides an excellent option in terms of energy efficiency and reducing heat loss. Roller Shutters provide a more basic solution which is suitable for a huge range of industries, and Folding Shutters offer a very strong protection which is ideal for wide openings.

Roller Shutters

These provide a basic solution and cheaper to repair than some other types of door. Available options include: Insulated Lath and Wicket Door.

Steel Doors

These are also known as Personnel Doors, provide additional security and have an impressive lifespan in comparison with regular doors. Alternatively, Flexible Crash Doors and PVC Strip Curtains are a basic yet effective method of reducing energy loss by minimalising temperature changes to and from the outside environment.

Folding Shutters

These are very strong, which makes them ideal for wide openings. They also have the benefit of a flexible opening position.

Flexible Crash Doors

Flexible crash doors and PVC Strip Curtains are one of the most basic ways to reduce temperature loss and prevent unwanted creatures entering a workplace.



Wide Choice of Options

As well as working with all of the above types of door and shutter, we also have experience in working with a variety of brands from across the UK which means that we can work with your existing equipment to create the perfect solution for your site.

Our team at C-Mech are also highly experienced in the installations of High Speed Doors. These doors help to effectively reduce energy loss by limiting heat transferral to the outside environment, and so are a great solution for any business. For more information, have a look at our High Speed Doors Installations Page.

Installation by a Local Company

There are many benefits to using a local company for your installation needs. Our locality to you means you are able to save money and arrange times to suit you, as we are more flexible than the large manufacturers who are often based all over the country.

Also, the benefit of using a local company means that once the installation is complete, we are able to provide convenient servicing and repairs. Should you need any emergency repairs, our location means we are able to get a business up and running the same day in most cases (depending on the time of the call out). Our location also means we are able to offer an emergency 24/7 call out service to help you in those really urgent times.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements with our experienced team, please contact us.