Installations: High Speed Doors

90% reduction in energy loss

90% reduction in energy loss

Our vast experience in working with High Speed Doors and their associated equipment has been continuously developed over many years of working in this specialist industry.



C-Mech Giesse Pack Door Rapid Fold Door

Giesse Rapid Fold Pack Door

Our skilled team have completed work alongside a range of high profile companies across the UK, and are always adding to their existing knowledge with new projects and challenges.

C-Mech Giesse Auto Choice Easy Repair Rapid Rolling Door

Giesse Auto Choice Easy Repair Rapid Roll Door

At C-Mech, we believe that a company’s level of energy efficiency and environmental impact speaks volumes about their core values and ethics, as environmental concerns grow evermore important worldwide. High Speed Doors are an easy and affordable solution when it comes to making sure that your business is actively saving energy.

What Are High Speed Doors?

High Speed Doors – which are also known as Rapid Opening Doors – can be fully automated, opening in response to a sensor that is activated when a person or vehicle approaches the door. The door then automatically closes at a fast pace when the area is clear; this quick-shut method saves energy by reducing the heat leaving the premises to the outside environment.

high speed door by C-Mech

High Speed Door by C-Mech

This innovative approach to controlled door solutions is a highly effective option for any industrial workplace, and our friendly and approachable team at C-Mech offer full guidance throughout the process so you are always kept up to speed with the status of the project at hand.

easy repair high speed door by C-Mech

Easy Repair High Speed Door by C-Mech

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What Are The Benefits?

Fully automated doors are highly beneficial to any workplace as they remove the need for employees to constantly open and close the doors. This is not a good method, as closing the door can be forgotten, which may seem like a small issue to the person directly involved but can result in a large loss of energy over a year.
They are particularly suited to areas that experience large volumes of traffic, either personnel or vehicles, and ensure that doors are open for as little time as possible for external companies or sub-contractors.

High Speed Doors also work in conjunction with Enershield Air Barriers to offer a further increase in overall efficiency. Our team has experience in the installation and maintenance of all components involved in these processes, and so can offer a complete solution for your business without any need for external companies or applications.

person & forklift through enershield door

Enershield Air Barrier – Industrial & Personnel

We also perform maintenance work on High Speed Doors. For more information, have a look at our Repairs & Servicing Page.

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