Enershield Air Barriers

90% seal on an open door

90% seal on an open door

The Enershield Air Barrier creates a ‘virtual door’ by re-circulating ambient air across an opening to create a highly efficient seal. This seal separates the atmospheres on either side of the opening and effectively prevents the transfer of heat, humidity, dust, odours and insects.

With just a draught of air creating the barrier, vehicles and pedestrians can easily pass through and so no delays are caused by the implementation of the barrier to your workplace.

person & forklift through enershield door

Enershield Air Barrier – Industrial & Personnel


The Benefits:

  • Save Energy: Escalating energy costs mean rising fuel bills. When doors are frequently opening and closing, or are always open due to high volumes of traffic, your heating and chilling costs can be a major expense.
  • With reduced energy consumption, typical installations provide a conservative Return On Investment within 2 years, and sometimes in less than 1.
  • A reduced demand on your heating and chilling systems reduces servicing costs and increases the life expectancy of the equipment.
  • Atmospheric Separation: This means airborne problems such as dust, insects, smoke, fumes and odours are all prevented from passing through the Enershield Air Barrier.
  • Stabilised temperature and control of contaminants gives improved quality of production.



Air Barrier v. Air Curtain

Air Barriers should not be confused with Air Curtains. Heated warm Air Curtains are primarily designed to provide warmth at an open doorway.
Without a proper seal over an open door, your costly heated or air conditioned air – along with the warm air blast from a typical heated air curtain – is immediately conveyed to the outside environment.
Traditionally, a typical 5Kw Air Curtain will operate 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, and will consume in excess of £1,000 of electricity per annum. Under the same conditions, an Enershield Air Barrier will consume just £60 of electricity per annum.

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How-To: Prevent Flying Insect and Dust Ingress Through Large Door Openings

Flying insects can be a major problem for food-related businesses. Existing legislation can mean that a food processing company could be penalised if they do not take steps to protect against flying insect ingress.
Electric Fly Killers are a common way to deal with these issues, but they only work on insects that have already entered the premises. Some of the methods used to prevent flying insects from entering buildings include Insect Screens for windows and personnel doors, and PVC Strip Curtains.

PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain

There can be problems with PVC Strip Curtains due to poor visibility, especially on larger opening that are suitable for Fork Lift Trucks or Vehicles.
Over time they can become scuffed and dirty, which prevents clear vision through the curtain and causes a health and safety issue.
High Speed Doors can be used and are a good option, although door openings with high traffic volumes can spend a lot of time in the open position.
A solution for this problem is to use an Enershield Air Barrier, supplied and expertly installed by our team at C-Mech Services Ltd.

This method is not designed to replace a door, but to automatically start working when the door is opened.
Working in conjunction with a standard Roller Shutter, Sectional Door or High Speed Door, an Air Barrier provides continuous protection against dust and flying insects even whilst personnel, fork lift trucks or vehicles are passing through the opening.

A major benefit of Air Barriers is the reduced energy costs through minimising temperature loss across a door opening. They can also minimise the transfer of humid ambient air into large freezers to reduce ice and frost build up.

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