EcoFresh Coolers

90% Less Energy Required

90% Less Energy Required

What is an EcoFresh Cooler?

EcoFresh Coolers produce cool, fresh air for the workplace through a process known as Adiabatic cooling, which provides 100% fresh air by actively removing stale odours and contaminated air whilst quickly and efficiently cooling the workplace. Due to this unique system, EcoFresh Coolers are far less expensive to install and run than a traditional air conditioning unit.

EcoFresh Coolers installed on a site.

EcoFresh Coolers installed at a site.


The Benefits of EcoFresh Coolers:

    • Fresh Air. The EcoFresh Coolers deliver a total change of air inside a workplace every 2-4 minutes. This means all subsidiary heat as well as odours, fumes and stale air is pushed out by the system which, unlike other air conditioning solutions, can operate just as well with doors and windows open.


    • Low Running Costs. The Coolers consume 1/10 of the electrical energy used to power a traditional air conditioning unit. This translates to a potential 90% saving on your cooling bills, and the units are also generally cheaper to install so there is no huge initial outlay.


    • Consistent Workplace Environment. The EcoFresh Coolers are designed to maintain natural humidity levels. This is a huge benefit as it means that materials such as paper, wood and furniture do not dry out prematurely.


    • Enhanced Productivity. It has been proven over and over again that a comfortable working environment increases the productivity of your team. Keeping your workplace atmosphere within the comfort zone reduces tiredness and helps with overall morale and efficiency.


    • Trustworthy Workmanship. The EcoFresh systems have been developed over the past 40 years, and provide the widest configurations and sizes in Europe. This dedication to design means that the systems are of the highest quality and can be applied for a simple on/off control, or for integration throughout a whole building.


Workers enjoying a fresh, cool environment.

Workers enjoying a fresh, cool environment.

Some of the most common sites in which EcoFresh Coolers are best utilised include factories, workshops, gymnasiums and restaurants. However, the range of specifications that are available means they are suitable for virtually every commercial and industrial environment.

For more information on EcoFresh Coolers, and to discuss if they could be suitable for your workplace, don’t hesitate to get in touch.