CPA reaches agreement with C-Mech to be their Energy Saving Enershield Air Barrier Distributor for the South East

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C-Mech Services Ltd reaches agreement with CPA Total Air Solutions to be Enershield Air Barrier Distributors for the South East of England. Enershield is well established in Canada and across North America and CPA Total Air Solutions manufacture and distribute Enershield products from their facility in Lanarkshire, Scotland for the European market.

So what is an Air Barrier?
The Enershield Air Barrier creates a “virtual door” by re-circulating ambient air and forcing it across an opening to create up to a 90% seal. The seal separates the atmospheres on either side and stops the transfer of temperature, humidity, dust, odours and insects. With just a draught of air creating the barrier, vehicles and pedestrians can pass without obstruction.

Enershield Air Barrier – Industrial


Enershield Air Barrier – Loading Bays

The Benefits:


  • Save energy: Escalating energy costs mean rising fuel bills. Where doors are opening and closing frequently or always open due to a high volume of traffic your heating or chilling costs will be a major and increasing expense.
  • With reduced energy consumption typical installation’s provide a conservative Return On Investment of less than 2 years and in some cases less than 1 year.
  • Reduced demand on your heating or chilling systems reduces servicing costs and increases their life expectancy.
  • Atmospheric separation. This means airborne problems like dust, insects, smoke, traffic fumes and odours are all prevented from passing through Enershield.
  • Stabilised temperature and control of contaminants gives improved production quality

Air Barrier v Air Curtain.
Air Barriers should not be confused with a heated warm air curtain, whose primary design objective is to provide warmth at an open doorway. Without a proper seal over an open door, your expensively heated or air conditioned air, along with the warm air blast from a typical heated air curtain is immediately conveyed to the outside. Traditionally a typical 5Kw air curtain will operate 8 hours per day, 5 days per week will consume in excess of £1,000 of electricity per annum. Under the same conditions an Enershield Air Barrier will consume £60 of electricity per annum.

If you require further information or would like to discuss the benefits of Enershield Air Barriers in more detail please call us on 01795 842370 or email If you wish to view more detailed information regarding Enershield Air Barriers please follow this link to the Enershield website

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