Dock buffers in need of replacement.

Dock Bumpers in need of replacement.

We are highly experienced in the repair, replacement, or upgrade of all styles of Dock Bumpers or Dock Buffers. They are an essential part of your Loading Bay setup, and act as protection against the heavy and continuous wear caused by loading and unloading operations.

One of the main problems with basic Dock Bumpers is that they are vulnerable to damage due to their simple rubber consistency and constant exposure to high impact trailers. Our team at C-Mech offer a number of solutions, the simplest of which includes re-fixing or direct replacement. Our many years’ of experience means that we are able to provide quick and effective solutions, which saves you as a customer both time and money.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, we also fit protective steel plates which act to reinforce the rubber Bumpers and add additional high strength shielding from damage. We are the sole UK distributors of GPS Dock Bumpers, which are a unique and highly effective solution for your Dock Bumper problems. For more information, click here.

Standard Dock Bumper with Protective Steel Front Plate

Steel plate added to existing rubber Buffer.

Truck bumper pushed against rubber buffers.

Truck Bumper pushed against rubber Buffers.

Our personal and approachable service means that your enquiry will lead to a quick call-to-action and a full repair on our first visit. When calling our office you will speak directly to an experienced sales engineer who will organise the necessary works and keep you informed as to the final outcome.

We also perform repairs and servicing for Loading Bays and all of the accompanying equipment and accessories, including High Speed Doors, Dock Levelers, and Dock Shelters.

For further information, or to make an enquiry, please Contact Us.