High Speed Doors for Pest Control


High speed doors (also known as rapid opening doors) are an important pest control measure for all industrial workplaces, most notably the food industry. Because high speed doors move quickly and automatically, they minimise the amount of time the door is open for rodents or flying insects to enter the building.


It is an inevitable fact that human error may result in industrial doors being left open accidentally, which allows pests to quickly gain access. In workplaces where food is stored, processed or prepared, the management of pests is paramount. The installation of fully automated high speed doors cuts out this risk of human error that can result in costly energy loss and pest problems. Even if they’re not left open accidentally, standard doors, with manual opening and closing functions, are far slower and less efficient, and so are more likely to let pests in than high speed doors.

Pest problems are costly to a business not only financially but in terms of the business reputation. This is never more apparent than within the food industry. It’s therefore essential that effective measures are in place to manage pests. The installation of high speed doors to help manage pest control, as well as save energy, is an effective weapon in keeping these unwanted visitors away from the workplace.

High speed doors, used in conjunction with an air barrier, provide a highly effective pest control solution where doors are in very frequent use.