Enershield Air Barriers for Pest Control



The food manufacturing industry, more than any other, faces constant pest control challenges. The production and packing of food attracts vermin and insects and this is something that needs attention to prevent infestation and maintain a healthy, hygienic environment.

We work with all industries including the food industry to supply and install the most innovative, effective pest control measures to keep flying insects and vermin at bay.

An exciting innovation that has come onto the market is the Enershield Air Barrier, for which C-Mech are proud UK suppliers. This revolutionary air barrier works by creating a wall of air on an opening, such as an industrial door, which keeps flying insects from entering the building. It keeps the inside air in and the outside air out. Staff and vehicles can move freely through it. This is highly effective if the opening is in very frequent use, with traffic or personnel flowing through it constantly.

Enershield recently conducted a customer challenge case study, the goal of which was to install an Enershield Air Barrier in order to prevent flying insects from entering the customer’s building. This saw a 73% in flying insect numbers in the 12 months after installing the air barrier, compared with the 12 months before installation.

Enershield Case Study

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