Order for Air Barrier from Jardox, Sevenoaks to minimise ingress of Flying Insects through 3m x 3m Goods In Door

  • By Paul Churcher
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Working in conjunction with an existing High Speed Door the Air Barrier will operate when the door starts to open to provide continues protection against dust and flying insects entering the building even whilst personnel and fork lift trucks are passing through the opening. This particular door opening has a high amount of traffic and had been highlighted as the main point of entry for Flying Insects. Preventing the Flying Insects from entering the building will drastically reduce the amount of time, effort and money currently spent on using conventional control methods.

Enershield Air Barrier – Industrial

In this case an additional benefit for Jardox will be a reduction in energy costs during the winter months as the Air Barrier will also minimise temperature loss whilst the High Speed Door is open.

So what is an Air Barrier?

The Enershield Air Barrier creates a “virtual door” by re-circulating ambient air and forcing it across an opening to create up to a 90% seal. The seal separates the atmospheres on either side and stops the transfer of temperature, humidity, dust, odours and insects. With just a draught of air creating the barrier, vehicles and pedestrians can pass without obstruction.

Jardox specialise in stocks, gravies, curry pastes, marinades, glazes, sausage and burger seasonings, herbs & spices and organic products.

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