Intelligent drive & control package for Industrial Doors tackles rising energy costs

  • By Paul Churcher
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With the recent addition of the LZR – i100 sensor, Guthrie Douglas now offers the complete intelligent door package. Offering best-in-class drives, activation and safety devices for automated doors. Outstanding functionality and safety go without saying but these products also provide cost and energy savings too.


The complete package works to open doors only when required, close them as soon as it is safe to do so, and set as fast as possible opening and closing speeds. Changes in temperature within the building are therefore kept to a minimum. This is becoming increasingly important as local authorities and businesses face rising heating/energy costs and pressure to meet green agendas.

Intelligent drives:

The Safedrive Fi drive system has been specifically developed for powering a range of non-balanced doors where speed, frequency of use and durability are key requirements. Opening and closing speeds can be set by entering the required drive rpm, therefore doors can be open and closed in the fastest time possible reducing heat loss or gain.


Intelligent opening:

Both the Falcon and Condor sensors make energy savings possible by keeping false activations to a minimum. They ignore traffic moving away from the door, opening the door only when the vehicle or pedestrian moves towards it. They can also filter pedestrians to detect vehicles only and reject parallel traffic. Both sensors are unaffected by door vibrations and have a high immunity to rain and snow.



Intelligent safety:

The Milan presence detector keeps the door open when a vehicle or pedestrian is in the detection field. That means it’s safe to speed up the timer controlling the interval between the door opening and starting to close.

The Condor sensor was the first dual technology sensor for automated industrial doors. It’s not only a motion sensor but an advanced presence detector too, detecting vehicles and/or pedestrians even when they are stationary. That means it can activate the door to close immediately after a vehicle has passed no waiting for a timer.


The Guthrie Douglas Wireless Safety Edge is the ideal companion to the Safedrive Fi and Condor on high-speed doors. Unlike the spiral cables on traditional safety edges, it’s immune to the wear and tear caused by high-speed doors.


The LZR – i100 is a premium safety solution for intelligent doors. It’s ideally suited for applications where safety edges cannot be fitted, such as large openings or windy locations where flexible doors may deform. Its high-precision laser technology gives safety at opening and closing thanks to two separate detection areas again allowing doors to remain open for the shortest possible time.


Intelligent control panels:

The Guthrie Douglas TS970 and TS981 control panels enable auto-closure of the door, with the time between the door opening and starting to close variable between 1 and 240 seconds. The panels also allow doors to be part-opened Cutting the time they would take to fully open and then close.

For more details about the full range of intelligent door drive and control packages or on Energy Saving Doors generally please call C-Mech on 01795 842370.