Vehicle Restraint Systems


Vehicle Restraint Systems, or Wheel Chocking Systems, are used to automatically restrain vehicles which are backed onto loading bays. This is extremely important in regards to health and safety as the system prevents trailer creep whilst simultaneously stopping vehicles from being driven away before it is safe to do so.

C-Mech is the sole distributor of the Calematic Automatic Wheel Chocking System, and our expert engineers have years of experience in the proper installation of the necessary equipment. Due to the unique features and trustworthy reputation of the brand, Calematic has been proven as one of the UK’s most consistently effective Wheel Chocking solutions. We have had many happy clients using the Calematic system, including well-known businesses such as Imperial Tobacco, Ardo, Cummins, AG Barr.


Automatic Wheel Chocks Engaged

Spot the zero trip hazard: Damage & maintenance free Vehicle Restraint System

Maintenance free Vehicle Restraint System

Wheel Chocks stowed and raised


What Are The Main Features?

  • Completely flush with yard floor when stowed away, so very difficult to damage and ideal when there is restricted room for turning vehicles to reverse onto a Loading Bay.
  • Keeps operatives out of potentially hazardous yard areas, as the system is fully automated and triggered by opening & closing the Loading Bay Door.
  • Designed to be maintenance-free, and is unaffected by typical Loading Bay debris.
  • Unaffected by snow or ice, and will continue to operate when submerged.
  • Simple construction with only 5 mechanical parts per chock and no complicated sensors or control system. NO motors, bearings, chains, gears, hydraulics or grease.
  • Operated by low-pressure compressed air, so eliminates potential Health & Safety or Environmental hazards associated with electrical or hydraulic operation respectively.
  • Zero trip hazards as there are no surface mounted parts between adjacent vehicles when in use, and completely flush with floor level when not in use.



What Is Trailer Creep?

This occurs when the lateral and vertical forces, which are exerted each time lift trucks enter and exit trailers, cause the trailer to slowly move away from the dock; this results in separation from the Dock Leveler.
Factors that affect trailer creep include:

  • The weight and speed of the lift trucks and their loads
  • The surface of the yard that the trailer is parked on
  • The softness of the suspension
  • The type of Dock Leveler
  • If the trailer has been dropped off, or is still connected to the tractor unit.

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