Envira-North HVLS Fans

90% Less Energy Required

20% Reduction in Heating Costs

At C-Mech, we aim to provide high quality solutions for energy saving in the workplace. We believe that the environment impact of a business is central to its overall success, and our highly experienced team are experts in the installation and maintenance of the latest equipment to help you keep your negative emissions and energy waste levels at an all-time low.

Envira-North Altra-Air Fans are High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) industry-size destratification fans, which work to actively merge and reduce air layers of different temperatures. This increases the overall effectiveness of your business’s heating and air conditioning systems. The fans reduce energy costs and also create comfortable working environments, which are proven to increase workplace productivity.

envira fans

Envira-North Altra-Air Fan

One of the benefits of choosing C-Mech is that you are never left with a faceless experience. During the initial consultation or enquiry, an experienced and specialised engineer will guide you through the installation process and inform you of everything you need to know about the Envira-North Fan systems and equipment.

Envira-North are the leading producers of HVLS Fans on the market due to their WhalePower Technology, which means that their fans deliver levels of performance that were previously impossible. Our expert engineers have vast amounts of experience in dealing with the associated equipment, and so can guarantee a successful installation with immediate results.

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