Innovative Products


With over 40 years specialist experience, C-Mech continue to provide most innovative loading bay and industrial door products on the market. This is where forward thinking design, functionality and innovation combine to provide loading bay and industrial door solutions that are durable and efficient, saving money in the long term. We work closely with the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.

Our Range of Innovative Products

These products are at the cutting edge of innovation, leading the way in the loading bay industry, providing efficient cost saving solutions. The Em-flex range of weather seals are at the forefront of innovation and energy saving efficiency. The dock solutions and loading bay accessories we stock combine design and functionality. We are the proud sole distributor of the Global Wheel Lok Vehicle Restraint System.

Em-Flex Seals

Em-Flex SealEm-flex weather seals eliminate draft by up to 94%, reducing energy costs. The Em-flex range also prevent the entry of fine dust and diesel particles for a cleaner working environment and comply with international health and safety regulations.

Em-flex seals offer pest control solutions, preventing vermin and insects from entering buildings. The versatile range includes durable roller shutter seals, overhead and multi-purpose industrial door seals and loading dock levellers. The Em-Flex seals are highly effective and easy to install, with no welding, drilling or rivets necessary.

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Loading Bay Accessories

These innovative, forward thinking and efficient loading bay products are designed to provide light and air, with an emphasis on full coverage, safety and efficiency.

Versa LED dock lightThe Versa LED dock light minimises costs by ensuring quality and performance over the long term. It will light the whole inside of a 8” x 53” trailer and is suitable for food grade applications. The patented, fan-cooled design is specifically built to be easy on the eyes.

AeroTecThe AeroTec is cost effective an air exchanger, capable of warming, cooling or removing toxic gasses in a trailer in seconds. Creating a comfortable, ventilated environment, the AeroTec differs from ineffective dock fans of old. See how it works.


Global Wheel Lok Vehicle Restraint System

Global Wheel Lok Vehicle Restraint SystemVehicle Restraint Systems, also known as Wheel Chocking Systems, automatically restrain vehicles that are backed into loading bays. They prevent trailer creep and stop vehicles from being driven away before its safe to do so and so are an important health and safety component. Global Wheel Lok has a proven reputation that is consistent and trustworthy and C-Mech are delighted to offer their superior vehicle restraint products as sole distributor.

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Smart Chock


Smart Chock has a rugged wheel chock design with high-strength aluminum and a non-skid steel saw tooth back plate. Its Ultra-Sonic Sensor detects chock placement in the most adverse loading dock conditions.

Safety Signal


Safety Signal uses a patented process of activating the system’s control signal with a convergent photo eye mounted to the door track, makes Safety Signal a fully-automated dock communication system that reduces operator error.

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