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What are HVLS Fans?

Envira-North Altra-Air Fans are high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans that are very large destratification fans. They move large volumes of air with low speed and low energy, which increases the effectiveness of your heating or air conditioning by not allowing different layers of temperatures to form. They reduce your energy costs and create a comfortable working environment, which is proven to increase productivity in your workforce.

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Envira-North Altra-Air Fan

Envira-North produce the leading HVLS fans currently on the market due to their WhalePower Technology innovation, which means their fans deliver levels of performance that were previously impossible. The angles of the blades is unique and is capable of moving more air than outdated technology that use a smaller angle. Envira-North Altra-Air Fans also use Tubercle Technology to produce higher efficiency and far lower noise and vibration, which is a primary cause of wear and tear on the blades.

HVLS Fans are highly economical as they are inexpensive to operate, lower your heating and air conditioning costs and require little to no maintenance.

The Envira-North Altra-Air fans in operation:

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