Em-Flex for Pest Control


Em-Flex Anti-Rodent magnetic Door Seal including Aluminium Mesh from C-Mech

One of the most common ways for insects, pests and vermin to enter a building is through unsealed doors. Once in, the damage to the property, stock and health of the workforce can be immense. If infestation is allowed to occur, the cost implications on a business is often damaging and far reaching. The food industry is perhaps more susceptible than most, but no business is immune from the threat of insects and vermin. Effective preventative measures will reduce costly long term problems from occurring,

Em-Flex industrial door seals are specifically designed to keep pests out, by closing the gaps between the door and the building that would have otherwise have allowed insects and vermin into the workplace.

Em-Flex seals offer non toxic pest control measures to help keep the working environment healthy and pest free. Em-Flex seals are a non chemical product that has several benefits as well as pest control, for an all round more cost efficient, healthy building. The unique aluminium mesh at the base of the seals stops vermin and pests as well as draughts and fine dust particles from getting in.

The seals offer great hygiene benefits, particularly beneficial to the food industry. They are more durable and hygienic than traditional brush or rubber seals, and are highly effective in keeping unwanted pests and debris from entering the facility. Em-Flex products are increasingly being used by the food industry, where hygiene, temperature and pest control are of paramount importance.