Em-Flex for Energy Saving

Typical brush dock leveller seal NOT supplied by C-Mech

Typical brush seal to the side of dock leveller – NOT supplied by C-Mech

Em-Flex dock leveller seal - stowed position

Em-Flex dock leveller seal – stowed position



Magnetically attached Em-Flex seals are used on the industrial doors and dock levellers at the sites of several major retailers and it’s easy to see why. These innovative aluminium seals have been tested for draught reduction and found to provide a certified 94% decrease in draughts, offering significant energy savings to industry. This high reduction of heat loss make the Em-Flex an environmentally conscious solution for all businesses where heat loss is an issue.

Traditionally, industrial seals have often failed to provide adequate energy savings. The Em-Flex range is the innovative new solution. Unlike older, less energy efficient industrial door and dock leveller seals, they keep costs down by drastically increasing efficiency. Rubber seals and brushes often had a tendency to get broken or ripped off (see image above left), which is not an issue with Em-Flex products. Once fitted, they last.


Rapid & simple installation of magnetic Em-Flex Dock Leveller Seals


These seals have a wide range of uses across all industries. The relatively low cost of installation is quickly offset by the energy savings. They are more durable than the weather seals of old, so once fitted, the benefits in energy savings are quickly apparent.

Reducing draughts this way is a quick, easy, environmentally friendly cost saver. Even the smallest of gaps allowing heat to escape will soon add up and prove incredibly costly over the course of a year.


Air tightness test on Em-Flex Dock Leveller seals – 94% reduction